Troy May

Troy MayTroy May, born in Camp LeJeune, North Carolina and raised in Brooklyn, New York, has for most of his  life had a love for music and the arts. Troy attended Julia Richmond High School’s “Talent Unlimited” program where he hung out with classmates Kadeem  Hardison (A Different World), Malik Yoba (New York Undercover), Lisa Lisa (Cult Jam) among others. During his tenure there, Troy studied music, acting and dance.

Later in his career, he performed solo throughout the metropolitan area and worked as a demo singer for producers Herb Middleton and Tony Prendatt  (former A&R director for Polygram Records) as he sought a recording  contract. Troy was later introduced to Blue Lovett by longtime friend James  Simmons. Together Blue and James assisted Troy in launching his career as a solo artist. In the interim, Blue Lovett and Gerald Alston decided to launch The Manhattans reunion tour. Blue offered Troy the opportunity to join the group and needless to say, Troy accepted wholeheartedly. Troy co-leads with Gerald on a song in The Manhattans dynamic stage show.

In his  spare time, Troy enjoys playing pool, listening to jazz, cooking, reading and partying.